A new entity that moves between the
real and the virtual

In the era of WEB3.0, no matter how the world evolves with AI,
it's still humans who can create new values.

VXer refers to people who excel beyond the boundaries of reality and virtuality.
They are the ones who inspire the world through entertainment,
such as talents, idols, Vtubers, and cosplayers.

Regardless of their professions or environments, Vdoing supports them to live as they are, and to maximize their unique charms.

We believe that VXers will create the entertainment of the new era.

Service The services provided by VdoingVdoingが提供するサービス

  • VXer Production
    VXer Production Business

    VXer Production Business

    We provide management to maximize the talent and charm of VXers, supporting their activities in streaming, event participation, and media appearances.

  • Live Event
    Live Event Business

    Live Event Business

    We plan and operate live streams where you can experience the performances of VXers in real time, as well as events such as handshake meetings and fan meetings. We provide venues where idols and fans come together to create special memories and share excitement.

  • Media mix
    Media Mix Business

    Media Mix Business

    By combining multiple media and platforms such as television, anime, manga, games, and music, we maximize the appeal of the content through cross-media development.

VXer Information about VXer from VdoigVdoigに所属するVXer(ベクサー)情報

  • launched 2023.10.10 VxerZero りりな

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